History Forums

History Forum Term 2, 2021- Tutor Penny Bonnell
We are pleased to announce that the History Forum is resuming in the second term,  a full twelve months since it was put into hibernation during the covid-19 shut down. We are very grateful that Banksia has once again opened its doors to us.
Location -The History Forum takes place fortnightly on Tuesday afternoons 2-4 pm at the Grevillea Centre, Banksia Village, 69 Heath Street, Broulee.
Enrolments- Members may enrol for the complete term program or for individual sessions. Please contact the tutor directly as we have to carefully monitor the numbers for each session under covid-19 safety rules.

Tutor – Penny Bonnell- email- pbonnell@bigpond.com or phone – 0458 253 073

Tues 20 April -Archaeological Pottery- Margaret Barlow
One of the most significant tools of the archaeologist is a knowledge of pottery. Wood rots, iron corrodes, fabric disintegrates but pottery endures. It is made of the earth itself.
We will look at man’s earliest attempts to capture images in clay and the eventual creation of the first clay vessels. Archaeologists can analyse where a clay originated, what country produced and decorated it, how a vessel’s origin can be connected to its shape and how environment influenced design.

Tues 4 May -Black Summer Fires- Our Living History –- Penny Bonnell
You are invited to the launch of the Illawarra North U3A publication – Bush Fire Stories – Black Summer – 2019 / 2020.  The twenty stories document the lives of people in communities south of Sydney as they confronted the catastrophic fires that erupted in 2019. Nine U3A BB members are contributors and many of them such as Penny will be present to read short excerpts. Books for sale $20 each – cash only. Full details of this event to be confirmed. Bookings essential

Tues May 18 -The Lost Nuragic Civilization of Sardinia -– Ainslie Morris
You have heard of the Phoenicians, the Carthaginians, and the Romans, as well as the Greeks, but before all those civilisations there is the Bronze Age Nuragic Civilisation on the large fertile island of Sardinia, which flourished from 1800 to 500 BC. Nuraghi are circular towers, the most perfect Megalithic buildings in Europe.

Tues 1 June – Batemans Bay Courthouse MuseumBehind the Scenes
Informal session with 3 volunteers and their work at the Museum, a key resource for the community.  Ray is currently heading a group writing a history of Mogo, and is also team leader on documenting cemeteries. Chris Bendle is the family historian, and Myf Thompson is curator, planning exhibitions and their Outreach programme.

Tues 15 June -Catherine the Great – Gwen Wharton-
In 1729 when Princess Sophie of Anhalt-Zerbst was born her parents would have expected that when she married it would be to an aristocrat or a royal.  They could not have imagined that when she did marry it would lead to her becoming Empress of Russia in her own right.  She became one of Russia’s most powerful and scandalous rulers.