What is the Third Age?

  • Our first age is childhood
  • Our second age is career and parenting
  • Our third age is active retirement

   U3A Batemans Bay, is part of an international organisation which originated in France in 1973.
Early U3As were linked to universities and used an academic model. However over time the nature of U3As has changed to be more of a self-help organisation. Offering affordable learning opportunities to members, using the knowledge, skills and abilities of the members themselves.

There are no qualifications for members and no awards, degrees or diplomas are given. The emphasis is on learning for pleasure in a friendly, supportive and social environment.

Our U3A is run by members for members and relies on the voluntary contribution of skills, knowledge and ideas. Our activities are determined by the interests of the members themselves, and by the willingness of members to lead and coordinate activities. We strive to be non-political.

Payment of the membership fee entitles members to participate in as many activities as they desire at no additional cost, except for those activities where reimbursement of expenses such as tutor travel, photocopying etc may be requested.

Who Can Join?

  • If you are no longer working full time you are eligible
  • There is no minimum or maximum age, although our members are for the most part in the over-50s age group
  • There is no requirement for prior qualifications

If you’re interested in sharing your skills and knowledge or if you want to know more contact us here: