At A Glance — for Semester 2

Semester 2, 2020:   TERM 3: 17 August -25 September   TERM 4: 12 October – 11 December
Tutors are not accepting any enrollments.  If you are unable to enrol online please contact Maureen O’Brien Ph 0419 586 072

New courses in red

 Your Stories in Photos (T3&T4) Home
The Divine Economy and Environmental Practice
10.00am– 12.00pm
Your Stories in Photos
Home Handyman Help
(T4) Home
10.00am -12.00pm
Armchair Historians
 Fitness for Retirees
(T3&T4) CWA
Italian: Continuing
(T4) MGC
Latest Release Movie Group [2]
Perry St Cinemas
Various Times
Latest Release Movie Group [2]
Perry St Cinemas
Various Times
Balance and Bones
(T3&T4) CWA
10.00 – 11.00am
History of Terrorism, The  (T3 & T4) MPFC
Balance and Bones
CWA (T3&T4)
10.00 – 11.00am
  Flirting with Flowers
(T3 & T4) Home
10.00 – 12.00pm
 Gourmet Gardeners
 Classic Book Group
(T3) Malua Bay CC
 History Forum
Banksia Village
 Ten Great Paintings in 10 weeks
(T4) Tomakin
1.30 – 3.30pm 
Book Groups
We have nine book groups which meet monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly. The complete listing can be found on our website via the following link – all general enquiries, please contact the Book Group Coordinator Diana Cody Tel. 4478 6341 or email deeceycody[at]
Thrillers Book Group
(T3&T4) Malua Bay CC
French: Continuing
Term 4 Tomakin
 Last Thursday Book Group
(T3&T4) Malua Bay CC
Spanish Practice
(T4) Tutor’s Home
 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm
 U3A Singers
(T3) Zooming
Term 4
Salvation Army Hall
2.30– 4.30pm

Program — Semester 2, 2020

The following program is published in good faith. However all tutors are volunteers and for a variety of reasons some courses may not continue for the time advertised, may be full or may be cancelled if there are insufficient numbers to make the course viable. Membership fees will not be refunded because a particular class is not available.

Armchair Historians  (T3&T4)
Tutor:  Dr Jennifer Brewster Tel. 4471 5077 or email jebrewster[at]
Meets:  Saturday once a term – dates TBA
Time:  10.00am – 12.00pm
Venue:  Tutor’s home, Mossy Point
Max:  10
This group meets once a term to discuss books with historical themes.
Sorry no vacancies
Balance and Bones (T3&T4)
Tutor:  Chris Sweeney email
Commences:  Wednesday 19 August
Time:  10.00 – 11.00am
Venue:  CWA
Max:  18
Please note the change of day. The venue is no longer available on Thursday
Balance n’ Bones uses a video produced by the U3A NSW Network for U3As which do not have available fitness tutors.  It is designed for active, mobile, mature aged participants at all fitness levels.  This is a fun easy workout which aims to increase flexibility, balance, co-ordination and bone strength.  There is no instructor and participants are responsible for their own health and safety.
As there is no instructor, this course is not suitable for beginners.
Balance and Bones (T3&T4)
Tutor:  Chris Sweeney email
Commences:  Monday Aug 24 August
Time:  10.00 – 11.00am
Max: 18
Balance n’ Bones uses a video produced by the U3A NSW Network for U3As which do not have available fitness tutors.  It is designed for active, mobile, mature aged participants at all fitness levels.  This is a fun easy workout which aims to increase flexibility, balance, co-ordination and bone strength.  There is no instructor and participants are responsible for their own health and safety.
As there is no instructor, this course is not suitable for beginners.
Classic Book Group
Tutor:  Anne Kirkness
Dates:  Meets 3rd Friday each month
Sept 4, Oct 2, Nov  6, Dec 4
Time:  2:00 – 4:00 pm
Venue:  Malua Bay Community Hall
Max : 10
The Classics Group meets at 2 pm on the first Friday of each month where we discuss books, old and new classics, which have been chosen by the members of the group.
Fitness for Retirees  (T3&T4)
Tutors:  Jenny Woodward Tel. 4472 2593 or email dandjecsi[at] and Lyn Percival Mob. 0438 174 028 or email lynette.percival[at]
Commences: Tuesday
Time:  10.00 – 11.00am
Venue: CWA Hall
Max:  20
A fun fitness class for retirees. We use a combination of hand weights, exercise bands and body weight to build our strength and cardio fitness. An hour-long class divided into warm-up, strength training, cardio in a chair and balance exercises. There is no lying down: all exercises are done in or behind a chair. The music keeps us motivated and in time. Everyone is encouraged to progress at their own rate, with options for those who may carry an injury. Wear loose clothing and bring some hand weights. Bands are supplied.
Flirting with Flowers  (T3&T4)
Tutor:  Linda Gorman  Mob 0420 306 237 or email at lindagorman1959[at]
Commences: Please contact tutor for dates
Time:  10.00am – 12.00pm
Venue:  Tutor’s home, Catalina
Max:  4
Due to social distancing rules this course will run with half the group attending each fortnight so that we can comply with social distancing rules.
Flirting with Flowers will be a chance for like-minded people who love to work with flowers to work together.  We will be sharing ideas, design tips, concepts, and what works, as well as disasters.  Learn about new flowers and how to care for them, what techniques can be used to show them off, and share your skills and floral knowledge. Participants will need to bring their own flowers and foliage to each session.
French: Continuing (T4)
Tutor:  Heather Galer Mob. 0402 026 298 or email hgal2842[at]
Commences:  Tuesday 13 October
Time:  2.15 – 3.45pm
Venue:  Tomakin Community Hall
Max:  12
Cost:  $5 per semester for handouts
This course will continue to ZOOM for Term 3
This course is suitable for those who have done French at school, and know present, past, future and conditional tenses. The course will use dialogues, reading, listening and grammar to enable students to get by, to construct and speak basic French sentences.
We will continue with the book “French Conversation, Practice Makes Perfect”, Premium 2nd Edition, by Eliane Kurbegov, ISBN 978 1 260 01068 8, McGraw Hill education. This book has a free accompanying app, which can be downloaded for listening practice. It costs between $20 and $25 depending on source. Students will need to do weekly homework to consolidate what is done in class.
Please contact Heather to discuss whether this class is suitable for you.
Gourmet Gardeners  (T3 & T4)
Coordinator: Claire Caesar Mob. 0413 237 388 or email u3agardeners[at] or Margaret Allen Mob. 0419 252 513 or email hotmail.allen[at]
Commences:  Tuesday 18 August
Time:  12.30 – 2.30pm; bring light lunch to share
Venue:  Participants’ gardens as well as visits to places of relevance in the district, plus invited speakers
Cost:  Minor costs as participants may decide to collectively purchase seeds, plants, fertilisers, etc.
Max  20
A friendly and enthusiastic group of growers of edible vegetables and fruits, growing a wide range of varieties so as to be able to sample the different taste delights of home produce. Sustainable growing is encouraged.
Unless a special event is organised, this group meets at 12.30pm on the 3rd Tuesday of the month, at various venues.
Members will share their growing experiences, so that others might learn from them. A growing body of knowledge specific to the area is being developed and is freely disseminated. Group members are encouraged to share seeds, seedlings, information knowledge, produce and plants.
The group is run cooperatively – members are encouraged (but it is not compulsory) to host one meeting a year – either by organising a home visit or a speaker or a visit to place of interest to the group. Members bring lunch to share, often from their garden produce. Communication between meetings is by email.
History Forum  (T4)
Tutor:  Penny Bonnell Mob. 0458 253 073 or email pbonnell[at]
Commences:  Tuesday 13 October for fortnightly sessions
Time:  2.00 – 4.00pm
Venue:  Grevillea Room, Banksia Village, Broulee
Max:  30
New members and visitors welcome
There is a small charge for afternoon tea and everybody is asked to bring their own cup.
Tues 13 October -Archaeological Pottery- Margaret Barlow
One of the most significant tools of the archaeologist is a knowledge of pottery. Wood rots, iron corrodes, fabric disintegrates but pottery endures. It is made of the earth itself. We will look at man’s earliest attempts to capture images in clay and the eventual creation of the first clay vessels. Archaeologists can analyse where a clay originated, what country produced and decorated it, how a vessel’s origin can be connected to its shape and how environment influenced design.Tues 27 October- life on Roman Britain’s northern frontier- Jennifer Brewster
This talk will focus on two important garrison sites near Hadrian’s Wall, both predating the actual construction of the Wall in AD122. Corbridge started as a fort to guard an important crossing point on the River Tyne, and grew commercially due to its location at the intersection of two major Roman roads. Vindolanda too was built before the Wall, and became an important construction and garrison base. Archaeological finds there, especially a trove of wooden tablets, have provided a rich source of information on life on this northern frontierTues 24 November – Eva Mylott, Opera Diva and Marie Narelle, Queen of Irish Song- Penny Bonnell
Eva Mylott and Marie Narelle were cousins who made a name for themselves as international singing stars in the early twentieth century.
Eva Mylott was one of Australia’s most famous contralto opera singers and was also paternal grandmother of the actor Mel Gibson. Eva was born in Tuross in 1870 and when her father Patrick Mylott discovered his daughter’s rich contralto voice he moved the family to Sydney so she could receive training. She matured slowly but in 1897 she was a rising star in the Sydney musical world. Encouraged by the great Melba, Eva left for Europe where she embarked on a successful career.
Eva’s cousin Marie Narelle was born Molly Ryan in Temora NSW in 1870. She took the name of a famous Aboriginal woman from the Moruya tribe, Narelle, as a talisman. Opting out of the opera scene she stuck to her roots and became known worldwide as the Queen of Irish Song.Tues 8 December- Pot Pourri programme to be advised
History of Terrorism, The  (T3 & T4)
Tutor:  Dr Mervyn Bendle Mob. 0426 210 014 or email bendle1[at]
Commences:  Tuesday August 18
Time:  9.45am – 12.15pm
Venue: McKay Park  Function Centre
Max: 40
This course runs for 12 weeks.
The History of Terrorism
Adopting a global perspective, this subject examines the historical origins of terrorism, the subsequent waves of terrorism over the past two centuries, and the origins and nature of contemporary terrorism. It pays particular attention to the diversity of terrorist ideologies and activities, and to the historical contexts in which they have arisen. This subject approaches the history of terrorism in an objective and non-ideological manner, focusing on the various secular and religious ideologies that motivate and guide terrorist activities, while also offering insights into the psychology of terrorist groups and their members, and into the various ways in which terrorism has been understood historically.Week
1. Introduction: The Four Waves of Terrorism
2. Terrorism in Russia
3. Terrorism in Europe
4. Terrorism in America
5. 1914-18: History’s Pivot
6. Global Upheaval
7. International Terrorism 1
8. International Terrorism 2
9. Age of Religious Terrorism
10. Al Qaeda to ISIS
11. Contemporary Terrorism 1
12. Contemporary Terrorism 2
Home Handyman Help  (T4)
Tutor:  Allan McKendry Tel. 4471 1327 or email at mckendry44[at]
Commences:  Friday  TBA
Time:  10.00am – 12.00pm
Venue:  Tutor’s Hone
Max:  8
Many people have difficulty with tasks around the home such as fixing a dripping tap, changing a light globe, hanging a picture, putting up a curtain rod, painting etc and the topper – assembling an IKEA Flat pack! While you might feel like the only solution is to get a tradesman this can often be expensive. With a little know how there are a lot of tasks that can be done around the home. At this course Allan will attempt to address the problems participants have with household tasks and also tell you where to go for more help.
Italian: Continuing  (A)
Tutor:  Carmel Mackin Tel. 4473 6401 or email carmelmackin[at]
Commences:  Wednesday 14 October for weekly sessions
Time:  10.00am – 12.00pm
Venue:  Moruya Golf Club
Max:  15
Cost:  Photocopying
This is a continuation of an ongoing course. Consequently, any newcomers to the existing class MUST already have command of basic Present, Past and Future verb tenses.
The course textbook is Italian Grammar in Practice by Susanna Nocchi which, as its name implies, focuses on the structure of the language. To supplement this passive foundation, the Tutor will provide extension Listening and Speaking exercises aimed at developing oral proficiency. Therefore, there is a small fee each week to cover photocopying costs. Students are required to work together in pairs and groups and also to complete weekly homework exercises.
Last Thursday Book Group
Tutor:  Anne Kirkness email: kirkness2[at]
Dates:  Meets 3rd Thursday each month
Sept 3, Oct 1, Nov 5, Dec 3
Time:  2:00 – 4:00 pm
Venue:  Malua Bay Community Hall
Max : 10
The first Thursday book group meets at 2 pm on the first Thursday of each month to discuss a book which has been chosen by members of the group.
Latest Release Movie Groups
Tutor:  Carolyn McKendry Tel. 4471 1327 or email mckendry44[at]
Dates:  Thursday (Group 1)
Friday (Group 2)
Time:  Starting times will vary
Venue:  Perry Street Cinemas, Batemans Bay
Max:  12 (each group)
Cost:  Members are responsible for their own costs.
This group will resume when the Perry Street Movie Theatre reopens
See a movie as a group during the first week of the month, with coffee or lunch either before or after depending on the time of the movie.
There are two classes – one on the first Thursday and one on the first Friday of each month. When members enrol, they need to nominate which group they are joining.
Each group will see the same movie.
Emails will be sent out each month informing those enrolled of the chosen movie. Start times vary – usually between 10.00am and 2.00pm.
Thriller Book Group (T3&T4)
Tutor:  Auriel Leahy email ableahy[at]
Dates:  Meets 3rd Monday each month
Aug 17, Sept 21, Oct 19, Nov 16
Time:  2:00 – 4:00 pm
Venue:  Malua Bay Community Hall
Max : 8
The group discusses and dissects classic and contemporary whodunits and psychological thrillers by a wide range of authors from different countries. Books are selected by group members each November. This group is just for fun, and for the love of a good thriller. ‘
Recorder Group  (T4)
Tutor:  Pam Larkin Tel. 4471 1924, Mob. 0497 270 882 or email[at]
Commences:  Wednesday 5 February for weekly sessions
Time:  Beginners 10.30am – 11.00am
Ensemble 11.00am – 12.00pm
Venue:  Tutor’s home, Surf Beach
Max:  10
Cost:  Treble recorder $60, a course book $25, music stand $25
Please let Pam know when you enrol if you would like to borrow the necessary equipment from U3A.
Course book must be purchased by participants
If you have always wanted to learn a musical instrument now is the time. The recorder is a wonderful instrument for learning the basics of music notation and experiencing the joy of music.
Both experienced and new players are encouraged to enrol in the group and enjoy making music together as a recorder ensemble. However, as with learning any musical instrument, it is important that Beginners are able to attend every week and are willing to practise in between times. This course is not suitable for those who are planning to travel during the semester.
For those who are new to reading music and/or recorder playing, the class will commence with tuition at 10.30am. As soon as practicable Beginners will join the 11.00am group. We will play a variety of recorder music with a view to performing as an ensemble. It is hoped to have a range of instruments and explore music from 16th century to the present.
Music will be provided but participants will need a plastic-sleeved folder in which to keep it.
New Members Most Welcome
Spanish Practice  (T4)
Tutor:   Diane Dason (0244743075)
Dates:  Thursday October 15
Time:  2:00 pm – 3:30 pm
Venue: Tutor’s Home
Members who enrol in this class are looking to increase their fluency in Spanish, share their knowledge of the language and the culture as well as meet people with the same interest. Participants will be involved in speaking, reading, writing and listening. You will be expected to prepare something to share with the group and this will provide discussion points for everyone. There will be different levels to cater for and the expectation is that everyone has a chance to talk in Spanish.
To participate in this group you MUST have a basic knowledge of Spanish. This is not a beginners class.
Ten Great Paintings in 10 Weeks  (T4)
Tutor:  Cath Bowdler Mob. 0417886791 or email bowdlercath[at]
Commences:  Thursday 15 October
Time:  1.30pm – 3.30pm
Venue:  Tomakin Community Hall
Max:  15
This course looks in detail at ten important paintings from an art historical, philosophical and cultural perspective. Paintings studied include The Virgin of the Rocks by Leonardo Da Vinci, Las Meninas by Diego Velazquez, The Raft of the Medusa by Theodore Gericault and Guernica by Pablo Picasso. These paintings all have fascinating backstories and we will explore the lives of the artists (including other works by them) and the cultural history and stylistic characteristics of each painting.
The Divine Economy and Environmental Practice (T4)
Tutor: George Browning email gandmbrowning[at]
Commences:  Wednesday 14 October
Time:  10:00 – 12:00 pm
Venue:  MacKay Park Function Centre
Max:  30
The purpose of the course will be to study natural law from the perspective of faith in the hope of mitigating practice with detrimental consequences and pursuing activity which enhances sustainability and wellbeing. The course underlines first principles in the natural order that might be ignored, but never abrogated.
Week 1: What are economy and ecology? From a human perspective should one or the other be primary?
Week 2: Origins as understood by science – Big Bang, Charles Darwin, Fossil fuel.
Week 3:Global warming the science. The human effect. What is meant by the Anthropocene?
The Divine Economy
Week 4:Creation narrative 1: Genesis 1: 1-31 Goodness inherent in the whole
Week 5: Creation narrative 2: Genesis 2: 1-4 The sabbath principle – life celebrated in the spaces
Week 6: Creation narrative 3: Genesis 3 The Garden, the tree and the consequences of pushing the boundaries.
Week 7:The particular and the universal. Ubuntu. The universal is understood through the particular, while the particular finds its fulfilment in the universal. Christ the uniquely particular and the entirely universal
Week 8: Why do some Christians oppose environmental responsibility? Fundamentalism, Apocalyptic, the Rapture
Hoped for futures
Week 9:
The democratisation of energy
Week 10:
Would Jesus be on the left or the right? Capitalism redeemed by socialism. Socialism enhanced through capitalism.
The end of binary choices. Good is celebrated only when it is common
U3A Singers
Tutors:  Lyn Brown & Julie Stewart
Contacts:  Des & Pauline Hill Tel. 4472 9458 or email desandpauline[at]
Commences:  Thursday 15 October
Time:  2.30pm – 4.30pm
Venue:  Salvation Army HQ, Batemans Bay
Max:  70
Cost:  $5.00 per semester to cover photocopying
The U3A Singers are planning a virtual “zoom” concert which will be advertised in the Towncrier.
The aim of the course is for U3A members to sing their hearts out together in joyful and happy harmony.
There may be occasional performances at some of the retirement homes in our locality along with some Christmas carols in conjunction with the Salvation Army, but the accent is on singing for pleasure.
The musical content will be music from all ages and for all ages. Lots of old favourites, some two-part harmony and occasionally something you may not have heard before.
Your Stories in Photos  (T3&T4)
Tutor:  Margaret Chiswell Tel. 4472 6008
Commences:  [1] Weekly from Tuesday Aug 18, and [2] Weekly from Thursday Aug 20
Time:  10.00am – 1.00pm
Venue:  Tutor’s Home
Max:  12 (for each class)
Cost:  There is a $2 fee for each class attended and a once-per-term charge of $5 to cover tutor expenses and the wear and tear on tutor’s tools which are available for class use.
This course is not decorative scrapbooking.
The aim is to assemble a selection of photos and memorabilia which will show the following generations what life, work, travel, sport, etc. were like in our parents’ and our lifetime. The journaling is as important as the photos.
Margaret helps participants develop their own presentation styles. Participants should pre-sort around 60 photos/memorabilia to bring to the first class. She will help them crop, arrange and present their material. No previous experience or artistic ability is required. Class members help one another and the atmosphere is friendly and cheerful.
Members are invited to attend either the Tuesday or Thursday class.
Beginners most welcome