Member Etiquette

Please help us to help you by observing the following simple etiquette.

When attending a class or any U3A Batemans Bay function:

  • wear your name badge ensuring your ICE (in case of emergency) number/s are on the reverse of your badge
  • sign on to the class attendance sheet – this is essential for insurance purposes
  • ensure that your phone is switched off or set to silent – if a call is urgent, excuse yourself and take the call away from the class
  • comply with all safety instructions given by the tutor.

Let your tutor know:

  • of any health issues that might affect your ability to engage in class activities
  • if you need to miss one or more sessions of a course
  • if you are ‘dropping out’, for whatever reason.

Lend a hand:

  • with setting up and cleaning up
  • by volunteering for tasks such as collecting money or organising refreshments.

Let the tutor or course coordinator know:

  • if the activity is not what you expected and/or not as described in the newsletter.