Online Tutor Services

Online Tutor Services on  MyU3A will enable you to:

Enrol students in your class
Move students to and from the wait list
Obtain contact and emergency contact details for your students
Print an attendance report (class roll) at any time
Mark the roll
Remove students from your class.

It is possible to change the dates of your classes and increase/decrease the class size (maximum and minimum number of students) but you should contact the course coordinators to do this.

The two buttons below will allow you to access the system
When you  have clicked on one of the buttons to enter either the Practice or Live databases, then:

Enter your personal ID and password, a list of your classes will be displayed.

Select the class you require and click Select, then follow the instructions (to be provided) as you move through the process.

Tutor Practice 
Is for practice purposes only and you can use this to familiarise yourself with the various processes without the risk of corrupting the live database. Each night a copy of the live database overwrites the practice database so any data you enter here will be lost by the next day.  DO NOT use it to enter live data you want to keep.

Tutor Login 
Will take you to the live database where any data you enter, or changes you make will be retained.

Detailed instructions for these functions.

Note: these instructions are still being developed to make them more accessible to tutors – please notify any problems to Coordinator1[at]